The different types of garden borders: what to choose?

The main function of a garden is to embellish a space. It is therefore preferable to take care of it and to choose all the elements that make it up. Apart from flowers, shrubs and other vegetation, one of the important elements to consider is the edge of the garden. With the offers offered by the manufacturers, there is reason to be dizzy about the choice.

What you need to know before choosing the type of border

Designing a garden border means choosing an element that enhances or accentuates the beauty of your garden. Indeed, garden borders are quite important elements in the identity of your garden. The role of garden borders is to delimit the different plots, facilitate the maintenance of the existing vegetation in the spaces as well as the circulation between each plot, for a little walk to feel good. Several parameters must be considered before making a decision on the type of border to put in place in your garden. First of all, the design aspect should not be neglected. What kind of garden would I like to have? Then, what type of border could fit this type of garden? You should also consider the practical side of the border: how is it installed? Should it be driven into the ground, or is a simple fastening sufficient? It is also important to look at the price-performance side, the dimensions in length and height and its shape.

Existing types of kerbstones

Specialized gardening stores offer several types of borders according to each person's needs and budget. First there are plastic or PVC borders. For those with small budgets, this is the least expensive. They are easy to install and very practical. The disadvantage is that in terms of aesthetics, it is not a very good choice. With galvanized steel curbs, those who want durability will be satisfied, at a lower cost. It is also very discreet. In terms of design, it is not yet the ideal choice. With the concrete style, the choice is very multiple. There are pavers, elongated curbs, edgings or steps. They are solid, durable and affordable. It is installed in the ground. Aesthetically, this style gives a very diversified design according to the consumer's taste. In natural materials, there is the plant border. There are interesting plants that can be pruned into very short hedges. On the other hand, they require maintenance. There are also stone borders, which give the garden a very elegant and high quality look. There are many designs such as pebbles, low walls, rough stones. They are more difficult to install and more expensive.

Unusual and customised types of borders

Borders can also be made of recycled materials. This can be plastic bottles, empty cans, or other packaging. The most important thing is to work on your creativity and imagination. Apart from that, clay bricks can also be used to make a garden border. To have a design to the owner's taste, just play with the way the bricks are placed and stored.
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