Alternatives to swimming pools: opting for a swim spa at home

The swimming spa is halfway between the jacuzzi and the pool. It combines the advantages of both facilities, allowing you to relax with hydrojets and swim against the current at the same time.

What is a swim spa?

The swim spa has a rectangular pool shape allowing you to swim against the current. However, it is limited in size, because while pools are generally 8 to 12 metres long, a swim spa is limited to 4 to 6 metres. However, this can also be an advantage if you have limited space. Then, the swim spa normally has a wellness section to relax you like in a jacuzzi. The wellness part can be fully integrated into the pool or separated from the swimming area. Your swim spa can easily take a place inside, on the terrace or in the garden. Please note that the swim spa is cheaper than the swimming pool due to its small dimensions, but also because it is easy to install. In any case, the swim spa has many more features than the pool because you can adjust the power of the current. This is a very important option for athletes who train, as they can vary the intensity of the workout. Thanks to the integrated jacuzzi part, you can adjust the pool temperature as you wish. This allows you to enjoy swimming in all seasons, unlike the pool reserved for warm seasons.

The technical advantages of the swim spa

The swim spa offers many advantages over the swimming pool. Installation is quick and easy, especially if you opt for an above-ground spa. On the other hand, it requires a little work if you choose an in-ground swimming spa. There are even portable swim spas that you can move around when necessary. For example, when you want to enjoy your spa during the rain or snow season, you can move your equipment indoors. Either way, you can simply use a spa cover. The heating system allows you to enjoy your snow spa even during the cold seasons. Moreover, the swim spa is a solid and resistant piece of equipment. The structure is usually made of durable materials that are resistant to mechanical and chemical shocks as well as the weather. In addition, the swim spa can be equipped with a disinfection system and a self-cleaning option.

Functional advantages of the swim spa

The swim spa is designed for all levels. You can adjust the power output according to the user's level. Athletes can simulate real swimming in the water or in the sea with this option. Buying a swim spa makes the whole family happy. As it is lower than a conventional swimming pool, it is easily accessible for children and the elderly. You can disable the counter-current function for beginners who wish to learn to swim. Moreover, the swim spa is not just a swimming pool. It also has a jacuzzi area. Seats are installed at the corners of the pool to enjoy a hydromassage. The jet turbines make it possible to target a specific part of the body such as the back to relieve lumbago, for example. Some models also incorporate aquagym equipment for rehabilitation or simply to do a bit of sport. In addition, the swim spa can incorporate an aromatherapy function to help you relax and unwind by admiring the play of light in the pool.

How to choose your swim spa?

It is not easy to find yourself in a jungle of swim spa models on the market. You have to focus on different criteria to make the right choice. First of all, you have to choose between a monozone and a bizone swim spa. The first model has a single pool for counter-current swimming and hydromassage seats. However, you cannot activate both options at the same time. You have to alternate between sport swimming and relaxation. The second model allows you to enjoy both options at the same time. For example, young people can enjoy swimming against the current while adults relax at the spa with high-pressure jets. Moreover, you can adjust the temperature of the two pools separately. Then you can choose a classic spa or an overflow spa. If you plan to install your spa indoors, reserve an exclusive room for this purpose. Outside, you can install it in the garden, on the terrace or under a shelter. Then you have the choice between the most economical above-ground spa, the most aesthetic but most expensive built-in spa and the semi-recessed spa halfway between the two. Finally, your swim spa can be made of wood, mosaic or acrylic.
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