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Advantages and disadvantages of the semi-high pool enclosure

It is quite true that installing a pool enclosure is an expensive investment. However, it allows to secure the pool and to protect itself from various external pollutions. It also aims to reduce the quantity of products used in water…

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What is a beach or pool deck?

An obligatory circulation area every time you enter and leave the pool, an ideal living environment to have a good time, to relax, have fun, eat, etc. The pool deck must be treated with care so that everyone can fully…

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What are the possible swimming pool safety features?

Whatever its model, whether it is partially or totally buried, a swimming pool must always be built with at least one safety device required by the regulations in force. More than a simple safety system, this device also plays a…

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How to choose the ideal bottom for your pool?

Having a swimming pool in your house is, however, very exciting. Indeed, everyone can enjoy it. However, it should not be installed at random. Apart from the choice of model, you must also understand that it is essential to find…

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Alternatives to swimming pools: opting for a swim spa at home

The swimming spa is halfway between the jacuzzi and the pool. It combines the advantages of both facilities, allowing you to relax with hydrojets and swim against the current at the same time. What is a swim spa? The swim…

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Consult an online buying guide before choosing your swim spa

The purchase of a swimming spa offers you countless benefits in terms of comfort and health. However, to find a better spa, it is essential to seek professional advice. Discover the benefits of consulting an online buying guide when purchasing…

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