Advantages and disadvantages of the semi-high pool enclosure

It is quite true that installing a pool enclosure is an expensive investment. However, it allows to secure the pool and to protect itself from various external pollutions. It also aims to reduce the quantity of products used in water treatment. In addition, you can always swim, even if it rains. On the market, there are different categories of pool shelters, namely, the semi-high pool shelter, the low pool shelter and the residential pool shelter.

The main advantages of pool shelters

The pool cover is a real solution for thermal comfort. Indeed, the pool temperature increases up to 10°C because the shelter optimizes the sun's heat and protects the pool from the wind. And when it comes to swimming, water quality is very important. By installing a pool cover, you can protect yourself from various types of pollution including tree leaves, dust, flowers and insects. It is also very economical since there is no need to invest in disinfectant products to maintain the water. Moreover, it is also equipment with safety devices to limit drowning accidents. It gives the opportunity to enjoy the pool at any time. You will always be able to swim, even in the rainy season. In winter, all you need to install a heating system to guarantee a pleasant swim.

Advantages of a semi-high pool enclosure

The semi-high pool enclosure has a height of between 1.2 m and 7.80 m to cover the pool perfectly. Unlike a low pool enclosure, it also covers the space around the pool. It is also possible to add a cabin inside for easy changing. In this case, however, you will have to raise the shelter halfway up. And a swim is always possible, even if it rains heavily. And it should be noted that it is much more economical than a high shelter. It is also more discreet and more aesthetic. It fits easily into any landscape. To choose the ideal shelter, it is essential to find out about the ease of installation and handling as well as the reliability of the structure. But it is also necessary to take into account the manufacturing material, the aesthetics and of course the height of the equipment.

Disadvantages of the mid-high shelter

Designing a semi-upper pool enclosure is still an expensive project. When you choose a model that goes up on the rails, you also have to pay more. Nevertheless, the cost is still more affordable than residential models. The thermal gain of a mid-high pool enclosure is more limited than that of a low pool enclosure. This is due to its interior space, which is higher. Moreover, when setting up a pool enclosure, one is often confronted with respiratory problems. Indeed, the enclosed space reduces the luminosity, hinders breathing and causes respiratory discomfort. Since it shelters a huge body of water, problems with mould, moss and fungus may occur at some point. It is therefore advisable to clean it regularly and to ventilate it as much as possible. Otherwise, it is recommended to opt for models that are equipped with a dehumidifier or ventilation system.
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