What are the possible swimming pool safety features?

Whatever its model, whether it is partially or totally buried, a swimming pool must always be built with at least one safety device required by the regulations in force. More than a simple safety system, this device also plays a major role in the interior or exterior design of a swimming area. Maintaining the heat, protection, enhancement, here are other good reasons that can push a private individual or a professional to secure a swimming pool. It remains to be seen what type of layout will guarantee a better safety system.

Protective barrier, a classic system

Installed all around the pool, a protective barrier forms a perimeter that a child cannot cross in any way without the help or presence of an adult. Indeed, access to the swimming area is only possible through a small locked gate. That said, to secure a swimming pool through this type of layout, you can choose between different types of gates. Examples include the fixed barrier equipped with several posts and panels that are permanently fixed in the ground, as well as the removable barrier designed with several rigid or flexible panels that snap into place at various specific locations. Apart from this, it is also possible to secure your pool with a retractable barrier that comes to rest or to be embedded in the ground. In any case, the protective barrier always allows your pool to become an almost impassable space, except in the presence of an adult or a person in charge.

The pool enclosure

The swimming pool shelter is a safety device with which the pool is inaccessible for both children and adults. In fact, this type of arrangement is carefully installed to cover the entire perimeter of the pool. In addition to being an ideal layout offering maximum safety, the pool enclosure also plays a major role in protecting the pool against various weather conditions and external pollution such as leaves from tree branches, insects, etc. It also helps to keep the water temperature in the pool so that you can swim in it for as long as possible. In terms of material and shape, there is a wide choice of PVC, aluminium and metal pool covers. There is also the telescopic model or the one installed at the top of the pool.

The pool alarm, an innovative solution for securing a pool

Apart from the protective barrier and the pool cover, it is also possible to secure your swimming area by opting for a solution resulting from technological innovation. The idea here is to install an intelligent alarm in your bathing area. In this sense, in case it is not available at a certain time (out of season, during maintenance work, etc.), the alarm emits an audible signal that automatically detects the presence of a person inside the pool. That said, if you want to secure your swimming area with this device, you have the exclusive choice between an underwater alarm or a perimeter alarm. On the one hand, the first is triggered directly once a person has just fallen into the pool. On the other hand, thanks to the infrared detection, the second one is automatically triggered as soon as a person has just crossed the zone delimited by the detector's terminals. A completely autonomous and easy-to-install device, the alarm has everything you need to secure a swimming pool discreetly, simply and conveniently.
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