Garden & layout

After an outdoor work site: How to give life back to a disrupted floor?

Working on a garden requires turning the earth upside down and disrupting an entire mini ecosystem that you have trouble putting back in place. A degraded soil is a soil where the biological activity no longer exists, one can notice…

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The different types of garden borders: what to choose?

The main function of a garden is to embellish a space. It is therefore preferable to take care of it and to choose all the elements that make it up. Apart from flowers, shrubs and other vegetation, one of the…

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A flowery garden, even in the shade: zoom on the flowers in the shade

Having a beautiful garden is everyone’s dream. However, some places don’t allow it because they are not enclosed by walls. Most plants need the sun to be able to flower. However, there are still other specimens that can live and…

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What’s a retaining wall?

A device that punctuates properties, which perfectly frame a garden or a terrace, the retaining wall is everywhere so much so that one no longer pays attention to its presence. While it is often used on public roads and shepherd’s…

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