How to choose the ideal bottom for your pool?

Having a swimming pool in your house is, however, very exciting. Indeed, everyone can enjoy it. However, it should not be installed at random. Apart from the choice of model, you must also understand that it is essential to find a better bottom. Your pool should reflect your lifestyle and your taste. Guests can see through the installation as well as the decoration of the pool your personal style, whether it is installed in the garden or on the terrace. What are the criteria to take into account when choosing the bottom of your pool? What are the different possibilities?

The importance of choosing the right pool bottom

It is true that the choice of the bottom as well as the depth of the pool itself have taken a back seat to the installation of the pool, however, these are two elements that should never be neglected. These two parameters help you to determine the use you want to make of your pool. They also affect comfort and safety. In most cases, choosing the bottom of your pool depends on your budget. There are several models on the market: flat, curved, etc. As far as the depth of the pool is concerned, if you want to use your pool for yourself, opt for a distance of at least 1.5 m. Otherwise, your choice should be based on the needs and expectations of the users. However, if it is in a hotel, it depends on the activities to be done. Don't hesitate to ask a professional's advice if you don't want to make a wrong choice.

Which background should I choose for family use?

On the pool market, you have a wide choice of models. Among the most famous are the flat bottom, the compound slope bottom as well as the progressive slope bottom. Each of these models has advantages and guarantees comfort. If it is for family use, however, for swimming, for games, it is preferable to choose a flat bottom of 1.20 m. This is perfect for children and allows parents to relax. If you can't swim, this is the best solution. However, it is also advantageous to choose a curved bottom. In this case, the design is suitable for people who are afraid of water, for those who are small and for amateurs. This bottom is easy to maintain. There is also the mini pit.

What is the ideal pool bottom for sports use?

Choosing the bottom of your pool for a sporting use is different from choosing a family use. In reality, divers need more space. For this reason, a large pool is most recommended. If you have a small area, prefer conventional bottoms, but make sure that your choice fits the length of the pool. For aquabike, a mini pit bottom is already sufficient.
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