A flowery garden, even in the shade: zoom on the flowers in the shade

Having a beautiful garden is everyone's dream. However, some places don't allow it because they are not enclosed by walls. Most plants need the sun to be able to flower. However, there are still other specimens that can live and bloom well, even in the shade. We can then gather them together to have a flowering garden in the shade. Namely...

A garden in the shade: is it possible?

When it comes to designing a garden, especially outdoors, you should always give priority to sun exposure. Of course, the natural warmth provided by the sun's rays on plants allows them to live and flower properly. In this case, many may think that without it it will be impossible to have your own garden. This idea is completely false. Why then is it possible to create a green space indoors when the sun will not be able to get in? It also means that it is possible to have a flowered garden in the shade. It is also a question of choosing the right plants.

The different types of shade to know

Before being so pessimistic on the subject, one must first know all the possibilities. In order to create a successful flowering garden in the shade, it is essential to know the different types of shade. There are 4 varieties: semi-shade, permanent, cool or wet and dry. Some places still get some sun, but only in the morning or late afternoon. This is what is meant by half-shade. It is possible to select several varieties of plants that are likely to survive this condition. However, in the case of permanent shade, the choice will be very limited when the space is really enclosed between walls. On the other hand, there are several favourable shade conditions for a range of plants such as cool or damp shade. Of course, there is no risk of the soil running out of water. It will be fresh depending on the situation. This is the case for places near high walls, near a river, in low ground and in swampy areas. Finally, another variety is dry shade. It is often found near hedges or tall trees. This is also the case in sandy soil. Once again, the choice of vegetation to be planted will be very limited. Indeed, nothing says that having a garden in the shade is impossible. All you have to do is choose your plants according to the conditions.

Which plants to choose for a garden in the shade?

The following are a few ideas of plants that can adorn a flowering garden in the shade. A garden rhymes with lawn. However, due to the lack of sunlight, you should opt earlier for ground covers such as helixin, creeping bugle, sweet woodruff, manure, ivy, etc. A whole variety of climbing plants can also grow in semi-shade.  To be planted on fresh soil, this is the case with Japanese charcoal, cherry laurel, pyracantha, snowball vine, etc. In permanent shade, winter jasmine, mahonia and witch hazel should be preferred. In the dry shade, the choice should be oleander, osmath and mahonia. Roses also prefer semi-shade.
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