Do you have to fancy a lawnmower robot?

Maintaining a garden is a fairly heavy task for some people, especially when it comes to mowing a fairly large area of lawn. However, it does prove to be useful in order to preserve the beauty of the place. However, a lot of time will still have to be allowed for this. In this age of technology, there is of course a device that can perform this task instead of an individual: the robot mower. Of course, it is programmable and battery-operated. Therefore, it can be used as it pleases. Before using such a device, however, the pros and cons must be weighed.

The advantages of the robotic lawnmower

Autonomous and programmable, the robot mower has the ability to perform the chore of mowing according to the needs of its user. Even better, it can be used at any time, regardless of the weather. For example, day or night, during rainy weather or when it's very hot. There's no need to get into work. Just activate it, even via a smartphone. That way, you don't have to spend your time at home at the weekend as much. You can enjoy family time somewhere else. What's more, the device in question is silent. It is not likely to disturb anyone at night. Moreover, it adopts the "mulching" technique that sets its work apart from other devices of the same kind. This consists of chopping the cuttings and then releasing them onto the lawn flakes. This will limit water evaporation. At best, it will help fertilize the soil. As a result, the user will be spared the chore of picking up and raking.

Some disadvantages to be listed

Although the robot mower is a practical and efficient tool for maintaining a garden in the best possible way, it still has a few drawbacks. By the way, this device is equipped with a boundary wire. It can be difficult for a non-do-it-yourselfer to set it up. Therefore, some manufacturers offer a model with a perimeter wire laid in addition to a guide wire. However, this will cost even more since the previous model is already quite expensive. Otherwise, when the cable is installed, making changes to the garden will be a bit difficult. Be careful, this is a robot. It will not stop in front of any object that is misplaced or in its path. In this case, do not forget toys, glasses or other objects before mowing.

Guide to buying the ideal model

Once you have decided to buy a lawnmower robot, you will have to think about making the right choice of device. There are various models on the market with different prices. But the most important thing is to choose the one that will meet your needs. The following criteria are then to be taken into consideration. Firstly, the space to be maintained must be taken into account. With a simpler garden, it is not necessary to buy a very expensive appliance. It is better to use the more basic model. Secondly, you have to make the right choice with the model with or without a boundary wire. Thirdly, the parameters of the device should also be checked: autonomy, programming, connectivity, etc.
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