A wind turbine in his garden: a true ecological commitment

In recent years, there have been a number of reactions to the findings on environmental degradation. Several conferences on the subject have pointed out that the use of fossil fuels is primarily responsible. Therefore, alternatives to this polluting energy must be found. Research has highlighted the energy and ecological potential of renewable energies. Among these new ranges of energy, wind energy holds an important place. Moreover, it can be seen in many homes that use it as a domestic wind turbine.

A sustainable and ecological energy solution

Using only the force of the wind as an energy source, domestic wind turbines are among the most environmentally friendly renewable energies. In fact, wind energy consists of turning a turbine with the help of the wind. This mechanical force is then transformed into electrical energy. It is an inexhaustible source of energy that could last for many years. In fact, if you are in an area where the wind blows year-round, you are guaranteed to have energy all year round. On top of that, the wind is classified as green energy, it does not produce any pollution for the environment. Therefore, it is an ecological energy.

The necessary conditions for the installation of a wind turbine

The installation of a domestic wind turbine is not given to everyone for several reasons such as its rather high cost. But the most important is the fact that a wind turbine requires specific factors that must be strictly adhered to before it can be installed. Since the primary source of energy is wind, the first thing you will need to determine from your local weather service is whether the wind strength meets the established criteria. A wind turbine needs a fairly strong wind, but above all a steady wind. In addition, a wind turbine requires space to install all the equipment necessary for its operation. At the same time, as with any construction, you will also need to obtain a permit from the appropriate authorities in your area, especially if the construction exceeds 12 m. It is also necessary and advisable to seek the advice of your neighbours to avoid future conflicts over the noise your wind turbine may cause.

Not yet enough energy for a household

Despite a fairly encouraging start, the domestic wind turbine is not yet able to fully satisfy a family's energy demand. In fact, studies have shown that each wind turbine in a household produces only 30 to 50% of the needs of a family of four. There are many reasons for this, but attention must be paid to the fact that each wind turbine comes with a battery that serves as energy storage. Therefore, even if the wind turbine rotates at high speed, the stored energy remains constant and so does its power. Therefore, to be able to meet your demand, you can increase the number of wind turbines and batteries. But this will increase the cost of installation, which is already quite high. The most obvious solution is to couple the wind turbine with other less expensive renewable energy sources such as solar panels.
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