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Garden decoration
Create a cosy space in the garden!

Armchairs, a recliner or a sofa are indispensable for a relaxing space. Similarly, the outdoor cushions or the bean bag, will decorate the entire space. Think of installing a hammock or a garden swing for a successful cocooning effect. To protect yourself from the sun and the wind, opt for a terrace blind or designer sunshade for a decorative advantage. On the other hand, the arbour or the canopy are more functional.

Exotic garden

Design garden

Modern garden

Zen Garden

Garden decoration ideas that are easy to replicate!


Garden mirrors

For more depth or for an original decoration, the mirrors invite themselves into the garden. To be installed at the end of a stone path or behind an element to be highlighted, the visual effect is guaranteed.


Hanging chair

In wicker, rattan or metal, the hanging chair is certainly a decorative trend that has gradually become established. Airy seating designed for a moment of assured relaxation.


Shade sail

For your terrace or your garden, install a veil of shade and enjoy your moments of relaxation, sheltered from the sun and the wind. It is also appreciated for its decorative assets.

Garden decoration

Garden furniture

For your moments of relaxation, install garden furniture or a deckchair on the terrace or in the middle of the garden, under a veil of shade and relax as close as possible to nature.


Garden decoration

Aesthetic and decorative, the plant wall also has other advantages for the garden, such as bringing moisture to the ambient air. It is also a very good way to purify the air.

Children’s area

Children’s area

There is nothing better than creating a dedicated space in your garden. Sandbox, hopscotch or, when it comes to homes with pools, a submerged beach, the important thing being to respect the constraints related to safety.

Professional advice!

To make a success of your flower garden, you must choose evergreen plants and associate them with different flowering plants to have a harmonious whole all year round.


For a harmonious flowerbed, seasonal plants of different sizes, shapes and colours should be combined.

Perennial beds

To make a success of your perennial beds, plant them in spring and favour local species, adapted to the climate and soil.

Lawn and turf

As an integral part of the garden, the lawn and turf – being close and not identical – must be maintained regularly.

Green gardening for an organic garden

Green garden! Tips for successful outdoor storage!

Decoration tips to brighten up your garden




Decoration tips


Decoration tips

Inspirations to bring colour to your garden

Outdoor lighting

To set the mood in your garden, improve your outdoor lighting by installing lanterns. At nightfall, you will be able to enjoy a superb play of light and shadow.

Decoration tips

For a bohemian chic atmosphere and to improve your comfort, don’t hesitate to put many colourful cushions on the floor, on a geometrically patterned outdoor carpet.

Garden decoration

To complete your decorative objects, and to bring more style to your exterior, opt for colourful pots to put everywhere in the garden or on the terrace.